Summer Escape

Summer Escape


It’s early April. Soon it will be late April. Before you know it, Memorial Day is here, you forgot hot dogs for the cookout, your grass is dead, the pool is green, the kids are out of school, you have no Summer babysitter lined up, you forgot to register the kids for camps, and you have no vacations planned while all the other on-top-of-it, over-achieving parents already have 10 educational road trips and Future-Nasa-Scientist summer enrichment camps on the docket.

Take a deep breath. We have just the remedy. You need something to soothe your mind, rest your weary soul, take a load off those tired feet, and cradle you like you haven’t been cradled since your mom swaddled you and sang you to sleep with Rockabye Baby. Nothing can accomplish that like a hammock can. Well, that’s not true. Strong margaritas can also have the same effect. But hammocks are much more socially acceptable to partake in daily and before 5 pm.

If you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, you need some Me Time to relax and enjoy life. Nothing can do that quite like a hammock can. Hammocks are the perfect summertime lounging partner. They can travel anywhere. They can go up anywhere. They’re soft and inviting. And above all else, they want nothing in return but to see the relaxed gaze wash over your face as you sway gently back and forth.

Okay, so they’re only hammocks. But they truly do offer up that small dose of relaxation, that respite from the real-world, and that touch of nostalgia from childhood summers spent almost completely outside, all of which can make you feel like you’re escaping from your daily drudgery, if only for a few minutes.

No matter what your summer plans may be, consider including a hammock amongst your packed bags. Take it on the beach. Hang it by the lake. String it from trees along your favorite hiking trail. Pack it for your picnic in the park. Or just post it up on your back porch so you can escape to it anytime you need those few moments of escape from the world.