Hammock Hangin'

Hammock Hangin'


You may like it on a beach.  You may prefer it in the cold.  You may do it better outdoors.  Or you may enjoy the quiet of indoors.  You may do it in silence, or maybe you do it to music.  You may do it sleeping.  You may start out awake, and end up asleep.  You may prefer to do it alone.  Or you may enjoy a little company.  No matter which way you do it, lying in a hammock is one of the most relaxing things you can do.


To us, there is nothing more relaxing than snuggling up in a hammock and being wrapped up in its warm cocoon.  Whether you lie in a hammock on a warm beach, listening to the rustle of the breeze through the palms or you curl up in a wool blanket under the protection of a back porch in a thunderstorm, there is something so peaceful about lying in a hammock.  But hammocks don’t have to be just for vacations in paradise.  


Hanging Blankets

Hammocks are versatile and convenient.  And the beauty of our hammocks is that they can go with you anywhere.  They can fold, ball, or bunch up in a backpack and go with you on a picnic to the park (Just remember ropes or chains for hanging!)  They can go with you on a weekend trip to the beach.  They can serve as a cool hanging lounger in the family room.  Or they can simply hang in the backyard, ready to be used on beautiful lazy Sundays.  No matter your favorite place for doing it, our hammocks can bring your relaxation to the next level.  

These hammocks are basically like big blankets made for hanging.  They’re not like traditional rope hammocks where, when you lie on them, your back fat and leg fat poke through the holes and you end up with hammock branding all over your body.  That is not comfortable!  Our hammocks are hand-woven.  They look and feel more like serapes than hammocks, and when you lie in them, they basically wrap you up in softness.  They also come in a variety of beautiful, bold colors and patterns.


How to Hang

To us, hanging in a hammock is a nostalgic experience.  It’s not only incredibly calming and relaxing, but it also brings to mind all of life’s most serene moments.  It can conjure up memories of a beautiful spring day, lounging in the backyard with a glass of lemonade.  Or a tropical beach vacation, lying by the beach for hours sipping on pina coladas and reading trashy romance novels.  Or lying on the back porch on a steamy summer night, seeing who can spot the most lightning bugs.  Or having cook-outs with the neighbors on a crisp fall evening.  

To us, hanging is a way of life.  It’s a way of telling life to slow down so you can enjoy the best moments.  It’s a choice to treasure those peaceful moments and happy memories.  We believe in this way of life so much that we based our business around it.  We thought if people had a little more hammock time, they’d come to think of it the way we do.  Thus, Hangin’ South was born.

From here on out, you can come to this blog for articles on all things relaxation.  We’ll cover a variety of topics with one common theme: How to take time to enjoy life just a little bit more.  This might be anything from fun food and drink recipes, to backyard party ideas, to relaxation methods, to vacation tips and ideas.  So check back often!  Here’s a tip to start you off…

Hammock Hanging Idea

Next time you have a backyard barbecue or party, make fun relaxation sections with a group of hammocks hanging together.  If it’s a cool evening, have them around a firepit.  If it’s a hot afternoon, put them in the shade of a tree with a cooler of popsicles or lemonade (spiked for an adult crowd!) close by.  It’s an easy and unique way to add seating to a party!